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GamingLane | Your #1 Spot for Gaming
[Image: iSWenYagNayIF.png]

Welcome to your newest gaming forum, GamingLane. On GamingLane, we strive to be the best gaming forum out there. We have two great administrators and we are looking to recruit staff when we gain more members. GamingLane is your #1 stop for gaming, graphics, and many other things. GamingLane is a friendly community with two great, mature administrators.

We are a new forum so don't hate about our members/posts. We need to start somewhere.

So, just click the banner to join GamingLane and I hope to see you there!

P.S. In the future we will be doing money giveaways and different other kinds of giveaways!
[Image: logo.png]
Your tabs refreshing the page when click.
The theme color is too light for a gaming forum , good luck though Smile
The world doesn't need any more gaming forums, seriously.*

*(unless you are doing something incredibly cool, incredibly original, or targeted at a specific game and/or niche)

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