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Essential Forums // Grand Opening!
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How is the logo relevant to your forum?

It's just text.. in a weird way..

(05-06-2012, 07:56 PM)brad-t Wrote: The world does not need another forum about these kinds of topics unless you are doing something incredibly awesome or original.

Thank you.
[Image: 76561198094087316.png]
Well brad is right in some things about the forum. It's hard enough to make a forum popular even more if it's about gaming. To make people wanna register you'll need to do better than this, now a days it's not just the content and the staff(HF is the exception), but the design, people seem to not be getting this... I'd advice that if you can't make your own theme try to hire someone. If you had that in mind you should not post a forum until having it at decent level(graphically speaking), first impression is important for a forum. All I see is frequently used theme (created by a great guy btw) with a decent logo.

offtopic: I love how members keep posting in threads wich they dislike. Brad you gotta admit that really deep inside you want people to post forums that look bad according to your standards so you can criticize them and put them down(maybe feel good about your own forums?). I'm sure you don't want these type of forums to come to an end here in the showcaseToungue. It's funny when members see a decent site, they just say good job and one or two things and never come back, but when they think it's bad they just keep coming and keep creating tension.
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Haha. Well, I said I would stop commenting on threads like this one from now on. Would rather focus on good ideas that can be improved.

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