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The new
I am very proud to present you the new MyBBDesign site.

First the bad news: Because of the heavy changes on the old support forum especially in the theme and template databases, i couldn't upgrade the old forum to the new mybb 1.2 and so I have to install the hole board new. Take it as a restart.

Secound the good news. This forum get a site arround it in which you can easily find all themes for the MyBulletinBoard with a few clicks. If there is a new theme released you will see it at the index page. There are screenshots of all designs you can download and off course: There is allready a demo board to see the themes live.

But dont be disappointed, there aren't any themes for the MyBB 1.2 on this site. I hope in the next days we can release the first themes.

I am very interessted what you think about the new MyBBDesign. Please tell me your opinion here.
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looks great, i like the layout, the green is a bit much though Toungue
Thank you! =)

I will work on the basic style, but there are more important thinks to do at the moments. I also plan to make a custom design for the support forum.
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Hey I like what you have done. It's pretty swell.
It'd be nice if you would show what version each skin was made for.
groovy ^_^
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We are proud to announce you that mybbdesign took a big step forward. We improved many things in the last days.

First take a look at our beautyfull main site:

If you read this, you have allready see out new design called DarkOrange. It is unique for mybbdesign and you can download it nowhere. But therefore i will release our old unique design in the next days for a free download.
I created the new design in 3 days and I had not the time to test everything. Note that the design isnt 100% finish yet! If you find some strange looking sites, please let me know.

But we also improved many thinks on the download system. Here is a short list of the new features:
  • Instead of uploading themes you can now link to these files. This is very usefull if you have not the right to public a theme. In such a chase, you should link on the download post and not direct on the download file!
  • You can now rate downloads and write comments which are posts in the download threads
  • You can add two files for on theme for example for editable icons.
  • We have two new download categorys: AdminPanel Themes and GameSection Themes
  • You can NOT add your themes direct an the themes forum. Please use this icon at the download section to upload your themes:
    [Image: adddownload.gif]
A big thanks to Paretje for all those great features. Smile

I hope you enjoy the new site! Critism is allways welcome. Wink

If you want to support us, you can upload your themes or take the following code into your signatur: (it will look like my signature!)
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That's really great work. I like the layout and how you have the screenshots of all the themes right there.
Very nice job - However, I don't think the main page should open up links in new windows - My one small complaint

edit: You should probably upgrade this forum:
This is very good job. So much effort, I am impressed.
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