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MyBB Forum for Sale
Hello everyone, I have gotten busier then usual lately and I would like to sell my forum. Never really advertised it, perhaps only shared the link on 2-3 sites but no more.

The board has a unique theme that was coded by me, no other forum has it.
Domain name is not that bad either from my point of view.
Admin's Bulletin Board =

Current Stats
Our members have made a total of 80 posts in 42 threads.

Accepting offers, PM them please.
To those who have replied in the thread so far (and had their posts deleted), remember this is R/S/J, not Showcase. He is looking for serious offers, not criticism.
-Paul H.

Cogisne lingua latina?
Thank you for removing the posts, Paul. Site has good potential.
Willing to let it go for cheap to anyone dedicated in this site.
Anyone interested? If not sold then I will continue the project. I think it just lacks a theme is all.
I am interested - However I am broke and don't get paid until next fortnight sometime.

Feel free to PM me to discuss this
You should fix the current error so we can actually see the site. Once you fix it let me know.
[Image: wPk6qao.png]

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