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[3 copy sale] Gamer.Co -dark mybb theme for gaming communities
(2012-05-25, 11:33 AM)Odin of Aesir Wrote: Just so you know, the search box is out of alignment on CODMedia.

I like the color, the nav bar is awesome, I think it looks really good overall.

Thanks a ton.
The codmedia site have edited the theme from being default,what i made so the search bar is out of position.
But i think its rectified now as they have re-edited it.
Its glad you liked it.
Only 2 copies left out.
Grab them soon Smile
[Image: mnvhXxj.png]
Only 2 copies left out,grab the theme best for any gaming forum Smile.
PM me those who are interested in the theme.

Note : Unique classic postbit design added for the theme,for the next single copy(2nd copy)
Grab it soon Smile
[Image: mnvhXxj.png]
One more copy sold,and last copy is there.
Grab it soon as it gets into hands of another.
The unique piece of the theme.
[Image: mnvhXxj.png]
Pretty nice theme. Good luck selling it. Wink
(2012-07-04, 10:27 AM)Irreligious Wrote: Pretty nice theme. Good luck selling it. Wink

Thanks Buddy Smile,glad u like it Smile.
only one copy left $30 for regular license and $10 extra for copyright removal Smile
[Image: mnvhXxj.png]

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