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Not Solved [Error Message] 404 error messages Please help
Not Solved
hello i just merge my smf 2 to mybb when i move my mybb to public_html directory its say 404 error message and i delete smf directory when i merge to mybb folder when i move to public directory its say 404 error please help me
this is my site url
Not Solved
It loads fine, no 404, but you need to update the board URL and cookie path.
Not Solved
okay when i click on memeber list or search its say 404 error and how to update the board url and cookie path please tell me
Not Solved
You need to change them in ./inc/settings.php and then again in the ACP.
Not Solved
okay thanks i will try right now

thanks its work now i have question that cookie path should i leave like that / because mybb forum on public/html directory
Not Solved
Yes, it's set correctly.

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