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I've decided my site, is ready to go public. The site focuses on gaming, computing and programming. I'm still taking suggestions for the site, so if you have any please post in our suggestions section. I hope you like the site. Smile
You need a new logo, quickly lol. Other than that , good luck.
Logo and slogan: 1/10
- needed so guests can readily determine what the forum is about.
- add logo to the left of the site name.

Favicon: 1/10
- add a favicon that represents your logo or site name.

Colors: 3/10
- too much contrast between the yellow and black background.
- not enough contrast between the yellow and the white text on it.
- blue color for site name is a poor choice, not coordinated with other colors and poor contrast with black background.

Font size: 4/10
- increase size to improve readability.
This is my MyBB signature. Smile
I am probably older than you.
I'm personally not a fan of these "X/Y/Z" forums. I say concentrate on one niche and one niche alone. Preferably not the three most popular niches.

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