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Not Solved Invalid Avatar URL
Not Solved
So on any fourm I try to use this image as my avatar, I get an error saying the URL is invalid. I uploaded, copied the link, and pasted the link to/from Dropbox I the exact same way I have in the past with other avatars, but this one doesn't work for some reason. Any ideas as to why?
Not Solved
Because that's not an image; It's a web page.

You want to use a direct URL:,%2011%2054%2017%20PM.jpg
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Not Solved
I set that as my avatar, but it's showing up broken despite working when I C&P it in the address bar of my browser. Is it broken for you, too?
Not Solved
It was working at the time but it seems to have expired. Try using a site such as which gives you a direct link.
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