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Cool. Looking forward to seeing it.
Looks awesome, I've decided to finally join. Love the new theme too!
I have finished my MyBB smileys that I was making, Eric has asked me if we could use them on WD as the new smileys and I told him yes, he didn't care if I released them or not but I decided the smileys will be exclusive for WD Smile They look quite awesome too, I like how many of them turned out.
Is this site dead?
i don't see anything at that link
[Image: bison2.jpg]
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(2013-05-28, 03:43 AM)brad-t Wrote: Is this site dead?

Yeah, it's been a dead link for at least a few days now. I visit every now and then, but it had maybe a post or two a week.
Domain wasn't renewed, so yeah. I'd say it's dead.

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