MyAlerts - a notification/alert system for MyBB
I'd love to test.
[Image: hdoE.png] - coming soon
This must be the most wanted plugin in the MyBB Community, nice to see someone making it. Good luck, euantor. Smile

I can also test it in my 'Big Board', if you want.
Ok, I'll contact everybody willing to test once I've reached a point where I'm just about ready for the first release.
I'll keep an eye on this - might be useful for me down the road!
I fold for team 52482. Do you fold?
It seems unlikely, but any possibility to add Profile Comment alerts in as well for people using the plugin?

Either way I look forward to this. Smile
I doubt I will add it into the core, but it will be easy for plugin authors to make use of the system.
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I could test it for you. Smile

And maybe use it just for testing if it won't be a resource hog, haha.
Will be glad to test it.
I forgot to mention earlier that I, too, would be willing to test.
.ninja {
   color: black;
   visibility: hidden;
   animation-duration: 0.00001s;
I'd love to test this too, we have 17,000 members who would love to see this happen! Smile

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