MyAlerts - a notification/alert system for MyBB
This release, can't come faster.

It should be released this weekend. Just got a few supremely minor issues to correct Smile
If you need live board testing too, let me know.

I can't seem to find the download Toungue

Right now you have to grab it via github. If you go to the repo there should be a "download as ZIP" button.
It was a joke xD, Like - waiting on the official release...

Ah. It's coming soon. I'm just getting to grips with my university timetable right now.
Just a few things I would think would be cool in the official release or future, I think bulk deletion of notifications would be great (If not already in place) I also think that notification on new post/topic would be good as the default one works only when it wants to, Thank you Smile
There's a bulk delete in place to delete all notifications or all read notifications. You can also delete them one by one. I don't really see any other times when you would need to delete Smile

I do hope to add alerts for replies to subscribed threads and threads in subscribed forums but it won't be in version 1 as it'll just mean an even longer wait.
Still waiting for an official release Sad

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