MyAlerts - a notification/alert system for MyBB
It is coming. I've been super busy, you just need to give me some time.
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do not have any work! How to configure?
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Sorry, what?
I just went ahead and started using the Github version. The only thing I've seen wrong so far, is that in the ACP when unchecking to allow users to receive alerts for Reputation, it still shows up in the alerts settings page. (It's the only one I've tried, as I don't use standard reputation).

Also, very very minor, but "receive" is spelled as "recieve" in most instances in the language file.

Other than that, great plugin. Can't wait for other plugin authors to start using MyAlerts with their plugins.

EDIT: Oh, I noticed it was released earlier today. Have there been any changes to it since... like, one day ago? That's when I installed it.
I made the proper release today in which I fixed the spelling issue. I didn't know about the alerts setting issue, I'll sort that now Smile
Ah, thanks. I actually just edited asking if there were any changes. I'll grab the latest one.
I'd wait a few seconds. I'm about to push another quick change Smile
Sweet, thanks for the heads up.
1. if Friendly Redirection Pages are switched off, then saving preferences does not give any "Everything is fine, your preferences are saved" message.

2. using it on small production site and the main complain I get from users is that alerts are marked as read only if you go into ?action=alerts page. They'd like alerts be marked as read when clicking on alerts (2) link on forum index or when they open link from the popup window.
1. The same thing happens everywhere else in MyBB
2. This is a known issue. I'm still trying to think of the best way to fix it. People complained about the old solution where alerts were marked read by opening the popup too.

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