MyAlerts - a notification/alert system for MyBB
Your solution adds a lot of work to something that is very simple.

A notification system is not an inbox. Once you've opened your notifications it is safe for the system to mark them as read -- the same way a page of a thread is marked as read as soon as you open it. Even if you don't act on a notification, it's fine. Threads you didn't read yet will still retain their unread markers, as will PMs etc. if you want to refer back to your notifications later, you still can.
Exactly Brad. Notifications are stored for up to a week (depending on the settings for the cleanup task - which defaults to a week) and read notifications can still be seen in the dropdown anyway.

I'm pretty well decided on marking them read as soon as the dropdown is opened.
(2012-10-12, 09:24 PM)euantor Wrote: I'm pretty well decided on marking them read as soon as the dropdown is opened.

You've already decided, but I'd still like to say that this is the best idea, in my opinion.
I agree that it would be better to mark them as read upon opening the popup.

Would the alerts be marked read after display or before?
They'd be marked read after clicking to open the popup. Clicking it would fire of an AJAX request to mark them read.
Sometimes I can be slow. So the user would see them on the first click marked uread and then if they clicked again they would see them marked read. Correct?

I hope so cause that makes sense to me Big Grin
Cool Big Grin
Well dose anybody know that how to deactivate myalert for a specific theme? Well I'm using MyBB GoMobile in my board, and I dont want to give the alert features for the mobile users, because it has some designing issue with few mobiles. But I do not know how do I deactivate that plugin specifically for that GoMobile Theme.
Can anybody help please?
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Easiest thing would be to modify the theme's templates and just remove myalerts_headericon from the header_welcomeblock_member template.

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