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Not Solved Video Drop-Down Box Text issue........
Not Solved
Just upgraded to 1.6.7 and I am having issues with the video drop-down box when posting....the background is white and so is the text. How can I change the text color to black so you can see it. Below is a pic of the area.... excuse my crooked yellow arrow.
[Image: posting.jpg]
Not Solved
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Try to reinstall plugin.
Not Solved
I do not think it is a plugin......
Not Solved
login to your admin cp then click themes and templates then click the theme you have on and change the editor to office 2007 that looks way better and would suit your forum! there is a way to change the drop down box but i cant remember so just do this for now plus this theme for the editor is better.
Not Solved
Open ./jscripts/editor_themes/default/stylesheet.css
You need to add a color for .messageEditor .toolbar_dropdown and .messageEditor .toolbar_button_video
Not Solved
I have no idea what the code should look like to add color...... example please.
Not Solved
inside these classes, add;
color: #000000;
Not Solved
Sorry it took so long to respond.... ran out of time last night. THANK YOU!!!!!! with all your help...I am back on track now!!!!

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