Animated Rainbow Usernames
is tutorial working for mozila 10 i'm testing it and not working in mozilla 26 Smile
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doesnt work for 1.8.6
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The following errors were encountered:
You can't use script, meta or base tags in the username style.
yup, (i think) this tutorial is outdated and doesn't work for 1.8.
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Hi to all
you can go and use [For 1.8] Animated Rainbow or shiny Usernames  for mybb 1.8 .
(2012-07-07, 01:17 PM)Ariana Wrote:
(2012-06-05, 08:38 PM)labrocca Wrote: CSS 3 and HTML 5 should have a way for rainbow text other than javascript. That's my opinion.

.rainbow {
  background-image:-webkit-gradient( linear, left top, right top, color-stop(0, #f22), color-stop(0.15, #f2f), color-stop(0.3, #22f), color-stop(0.45, #2ff), color-stop(0.6, #2f2),color-stop(0.75, #2f2), color-stop(0.9, #ff2), color-stop(1, #f22) );
  -webkit-background-clip: text;

That's what I'd use, having it animated would be annoying
Where should i add this code ? Please guide me i am a noob.

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