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"Rating", something I never use...
Yup, I never use, of will use, the "Rating" option. I'd like to see this as an on/off option, in the Admin CP and/or the User CP. If it's off, don't display it in posts and don't display the "Rating" bar on the forum display.

I agree. I would not miss it if it was totally left out either. It strikes me as more of a feature that could be a mod than a standard feature of a bulletin board.
I agree with Darren.
Michael Corcoran
[Image: ffsig.png]
Yeah me three! Because when seeing the threads in a forum it get a little cramped! - Remeber some people may have their forum to fit on a 15" (800x 600) minitor when displayed! So yeah in the admin/userCP would be a nice feature for an on/off option!

Actually this would be quite good in the templates area as you can have options at top of page etc.
Actually I just suggested this in my feature suggestions topic Wink

And Chris said they're on his list Big Grin
Peter Akkies
Another feature that strikes me as it should be a mod is time spent online in the profile view.
I agree. That's useless information. Oh, and, if the "Additional Information" fields are empty... don't show them. Undecided
Raymond - [email protected]

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