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Global Gamers | Gaming Forum | LOOKING FOR STAFF!
Hello everyone, I am the owner of Global Gamers (GG). GG was made for gamers from all around to chat about gaming,clans,reviews of games and more. I'm also looking for staff around the site(Mostly people with experience.)

You may join the site with the link below!

->Global Gamers<-

Thank you!

New Theme
Gaming forums almost rarely succeed now-a-days because of how many there are. Add in the fact that you're using a free hosting/domain service and, well, good luck mate.
Free hosting, horrible theme, gaming forum, so many sections, tabs. Those are things going way against you.

Also, Staff? For what? You have 9 posts...
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
I never announce for STAFF, it only brings bad and selfish people. STAFF isn't something announced in public and you cannot trust any new guys as well. I worked my lime off for full around 8 months tirelessly & then I choose STAFF when I had full faith that they won't ditch me.
You really need to cut down on the sections. What do graphics have to do with gaming? Because I'm pretty sure you mean graphic design, not 3D computer graphics engines.
The JRPG Club: Video game reviews, resources and discussion for Japanese learners.
The funny thing is this is the same theme as blackops 2 forum or whatever it is called.

Still with the same small problems:

But this one also has a horrible background image and like previously stated to many categories to start with.
:facepalm:... I forgot to change the theme I edited to default...

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