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Save the USA Citizen Alliance
Cut down your sections, get a nice theme tooSmile
And get some protection against Directory Listing (
You can upload an empty index.html file if you don't have .htaccess available.

Don't mess up with the wrong pipsqueaks!

(2012-05-28, 07:22 PM)Niggidea Wrote: Cut down your sections, get a nice theme tooSmile

Do think I should make some more of the forums subforums?
No. You really need to cut off some sections, not to make them subforums. For example, look at your Political Issues category. Why do you not make this category into just one section and delete all the sections of this category? You really don't need subjects to be divided into so many sections in the beggining.

(2012-05-28, 02:56 PM)brad-t Wrote: "Save the USA" + Bible Quote on the side

Seems very unbiased.

I did a lot of paring down of forums and took out two sections. Thanks for the advice.

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