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Save the USA Citizen Alliance
I just opened a political debate forum for members to discuss the important issues we're facing as citizens of a nation which sometimes seems to be coming apart. All points of view are welcome as long as you're respectful.

Your forum is not loading here.
It is for me but it's just a default theme with sooo many sections.
Now its loading.

I'm trying to change the default theme from the theme changer, and it doesn't changing to Violent Fire.
You have like 2345252524352352 empty sections.
"Save the USA" + Bible Quote on the side

Seems very unbiased.
(2012-05-28, 02:56 PM)brad-t Wrote: "Save the USA" + Bible Quote on the side

Seems very unbiased.
Reminds me of a good one, although not sure if people like to hear honest things so I'll keep it to myself.
I'm adding more posts to get things started. I've also decided to come up with an incentive to get registrations and posts. Each month, the top poster(excluding me - ChristineMO) will get a $20 Amazon gift card. I appreciate all feedback.
Your forum has 50 sections, you need to cut that down drastically.

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