What is this?
I can't figure out what this element of the CSS this is Undecided
Also note that the theme is a WIP, and I haven't done much work on it yet! The images are still stock, and I haven't edited templates. The theme name "1Crimson" is used with explicit permission from the author of the "1Crimson" iOS theme! Thanks guys!

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Might be tborder and tfoot respectively.
I guess yaldaram is right. but why not get firebug (if on firefox) to inspect that element?
If you're running google chrome, just right click that element and click "inspect element"
If you using latest FireFox then its a built-in option. Right click on the element and select "Inspect Element"
Okay thanks! It is not tfoot: tfoot already has been themed and actually looks decent. I'll try tborder! And I'll try that "Inspect Element" tool.

Thanks guys! It actually was tfoot, and I had themed it with an image... apparently the image didn't completely fill the tfoot so that color peaked through. I changed the color and now it's much better Big Grin

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