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AdminKorner - Home of the Webmasters

Who are we?

AdminKorner is the newest webmaster forum that is dedicated to making new webmasters experienced and experienced webmasters to professional webmasters.

What can I look forward to at AdminKorner?

You can look forward to many things such as:
  • Variety of forum softwares...
  • Awards to earn...
  • Resources..
  • Plugins...
  • and more!

Extra Information

Hello, I'm Blur (the owner) and I would like to thank you for viewing my thread! I hope you're considering joining AdminKorner. We might be really small, but we can succeed no matter what! AdminKorner uses premium webhosting and we also use premium plugins, too! AdminKorner is one of the fastest loading websites of the webmaster forums everywhere.

How Do I Join?

You join by clicking the banner at the top of this thread!

Hope to see you there!
[Image: logo.png]
Bad comments start...

ANOTHER admin forum
Do not use tabs
Make some content.

Just finish and make the forum decent before advertising it please.

Good luck.
Don't link to registration page. I don't want to register at your site right now. I just want to see it.

Let your guests see the posts on the forum. No one wants to join a forum that looks like it has no content.
Dont link us to a registration page. We need to determine our selfs if we would want to join. You dont do this for us.

Secondly, i do like the look of the site. Its a really nice theme by Audentio Design. I would though have a bit less subforums. Better to let them freely post in one forum. Instead of putting to many things everywhere.
The amount of tab sections seem fine, they all have a good amount of forums below them, but like said before dont use to many subforums.
Okay, thanks for the criticism everyone.
[Image: logo.png]
(2012-06-03, 04:11 PM)GFXdot Wrote: Okay, thanks for the criticism everyone.

Not criticism. You want a good forum right? Do not post in the area if you do not expect to receive feedback and suggestions. Learn to take the ideas with a pinch of salt and continue working with what we say. Cool
Does this have anything to do with forum korner by any chance? Like, are you part of the network or?
no, he's just making a habit of ripping people off
(2012-06-05, 07:50 PM)brad-t Wrote: no, he's just making a habit of ripping people off

Looks like he's copied most of his forum descriptions from

the well known source of many ripped themes, plugins, etc

Honestly this member needs bannedd.. he's created three showcases all of which featured ripped themes, descriptions, etc and his signature links to his site that also has a ripped theme.. when will it end?
Themefreak - High Quality Premium Themes
(2012-06-05, 07:50 PM)brad-t Wrote: no, he's just making a habit of ripping people off

Oh, that's a shame.

Why would you steal "korner"? It's like me making a forum called "footballjuju" or "soccergear". Come on, be original.

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