What color theme should I create?
I'm making a new theme for my forum and I want it to be black and another color. I'm just taking some suggestions. What color should it be? What do you guys think? Even a variation of colors.
Depends on the type of forum. If its gaming then red/black are suitable for such websites.
bright yellow
good u
Pink with black dots lol.
Pink, light blue, purple, orange, gold (good luck finding a shade that's not 'just dark yellow' but not also orange), really almost anything would look good with black. Except black. Then you might as well turn your monitor off.
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bright yellow
(2012-06-03, 11:59 PM)Scoutie44 Wrote: bright yellow

RolleyesToungueBig Grin

Darkish blue, Darkish red or yellow/orange
(2012-09-25, 08:28 PM)Leefish Wrote:
(2012-09-25, 08:19 PM)xStefan Wrote: Just got back from gym and eat some kit kats...

I am uninterested in your eating habits.
Illuminous Yellow. Lmao. This is geeting out of hand lol.
We already have alot of black and blue themes. So try something a bit different like black and red or black and orange. Or if you brave... Black and a brighter color like pink lol.
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light brown

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