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[Image: logo.png]

I have recently started a new project which goes by the name of VR-RP (Virtual Reality - Roleplay ) and the reason for the name is that it started as a San Andreas Multi Player project but soon developed into other matters.

Direct link to the sites home page - <snip>

I have now decided that it will be a MGO (Multi Gaming Organisation).

We are currently hosting a San Andreas Multi Player server.
More details can be found here : <snip>

Our goal is to host as many game servers as possible as well have an active forum community. We have a very nice staff team that I hand picked myself.

We also have forums such as "Marketplace" , "Monetizing" and many more.

We are all about giving to the community and would love for you to check the site out!

I'm sure you can find something useful on the site. If you'd like to become a part of the community, be sure to sign up and introduce yourself here - <snip>

I hope to see some users checking out the site.
If you don't like the site, please do leave a comment below and let me know what you think should be improved on the site.

Kind Regards

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