[WIP] Social - Thoughts So Far?
Been working on a new theme, with the goal of being really simplistic, but also pleasing to look at. I've completely rearranged various elements and have taken out the whole table look. I've also had the MyCode editor removed, only because there's just not a good looking way to include it with how I've got elements laid out. Other small things such as the info normally to the right, posts, reputation, etc., is included in a tooltip when you hover over the user's name.

This is only a picture of an actual thread, as that is more important to me at the moment Toungue

[Image: testpost.png]

Some of the key features of this theme include the automatic growing textarea. From the picture above, it's obvious the textarea is pretty small, however, the textarea grows vertically to fit the size of your text, as well as shrink.

I'm almost 100% sure this theme will NOT be released, but rather used on my own personal site. Reason for this being that the MyCode editor has been removed, as well as a few other small things for my convenience.

This theme is not yet finished, not all of the post bit buttons have been added yet, I'm getting around to it.

Another note, the "@Test" as well as the tags below are NOT part of the theme. Those are custom MyCodes I've made for the purpose of when my site launches.

Criticism is appreciated! And no worries, you can't hurt my feelings Smile
I actually really like it! Only thing i don't like is the text in the button that says: "New World". Simply because i feel the text is a little too big! Really though, I like this theme. I would like it if you released it... it would be good for non techie communities... and simplicity is sometimes the best complication Wink :p
(2012-09-25, 08:28 PM)Leefish Wrote:
(2012-09-25, 08:19 PM)xStefan Wrote: Just got back from gym and eat some kit kats...

I am uninterested in your eating habits.

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