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MyBBSource - MyBB Resources/Tutorials

What is MyBBSource?
MyBBSource is a community dedicated to MyBB resources. All the content on MyBBSource is free and ready for you to download. MyBBSource has a general discussion forum (general talk), a MyBB Support forum (for support), themes forum (for themes), and many other great sections to check out!

-Custom/Premium Plugins
-Custom Theme by Audentio Designs
-Administrators waiting to help you
-Active staff members/administrators
-and many more!

I tried keeping the sections to what my forums niche is.
  • Introductions - Every forum has to have one.
  • The Lounge - Kick back, relax, and have a general discussion.
  • Entertainment - Who doesn't love a little entertainment?
  • Website Showcase - Aye, it's free advertising!
  • Theme Releases - Who doesn't love themes?
  • Theme Discussion - A discussion about themes.
  • Tutorials - Neat tricks & tips for your MyBB forum.
  • Plugins - Neat plugins for your MyBB forum.
  • MyCode - Different MyCode's for you to implement.
  • MyBB General Support - Need help? Post there.
  • Announcements/News - This is important!
  • Feedback/Testimonials - Who doesn't like a little feedback?

NOTE: All of these aren't bunched up, they are separated.

Just started so no hate.
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Staff Team

-Blur (Owner)
-Revelation (Co-Owner)


Hope to see you there!
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You're using a ripped theme, and blatently copied We don't allow sites like that to be showcased here.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.

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