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Not Solved Auto-Forwarding the Archive to Regular Thread Page
Not Solved
When I use Google site search on my site everything that comes back is in the /archive/ folder. How can I automatically redirect all this traffic to the live thread instead?

Thanks in advance!

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Not Solved
you may mean like this:

(2010-10-04, 09:41 PM)MattRogowski Wrote: It doesn't create any files, it just selects data from the database and displays it in a simpler way. Deleting the link will probably be enough but you can also delete the ./archive/ folder itself if you don't want people using it; however it won't increase speed or anything like that, it's simply a stripped down version of existing content.
Not Solved
You may want to find a plugin to add the canonical url of the page. Google will then index the canonical (full) version instead of the lite one.

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