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Not Solved [JavaScript] Tag is undefined error - bug in nightly
Not Solved
i just posted a bug to bugzilla about the mybb post editor buttons posting [undefined=undefined] instead of their correct bbcode.


anyone with an understanding of the buttonbars js is welcome to post whats going on here.

this gecko regression is only affecting the mybb post editor tags :\
Not Solved
it seems like this may require a change on mybb's end
Not Solved
We won't fix a bug that exists for in-development browsers.
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This is a standards change (Microdata and Microdata DOM), it is irresponsible to wait until the browser hits Release for you to fix it after people have been affected by it for 6 months.

Its about time MyBB invested in forward thinking management. Reactive software development is generally frowned upon in the internet and web content industries.
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Really? Because I have never heard of a single complaint on our policy; because beta software is considered to be unstable - this includes beta channels that Firefox use - we simply won't look at it until it is available under general release.
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If any of the paid software followed that policy they would be out of business.

Rediculous policies aside, This MicroData API is already present in the current release channel of Opera which is affected by this bug, so you're gunna have to fix it sooner rather than later anyway.

Boris Zbarsky Wrote:Well, it's a bug in shipping Opera, and it'll be a bug in shipping Firefox soon enough.... And WebKit is working on this too, iirc.

Maybe you didn't get the rapid release memo, but you no longer have the luxury of resting on your laurels waiting for people to report issues en-mass, when a new version of firefox goes release channel every 4 months.
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I see no problems with Opera 12.00...
[Image: banner.png]
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I also am using Opera 12 and see no issues. Reading through the notes in the comments in the Bug Report you linked to, it seems that the issue is Item.Type being used in the javascript. That is a fairly common construct in prototype.js, and it is a very popular javascript library.

As the other chap in that "conversation" said:
other chap Wrote:Is this the only site using ItemType in this way.

Random Fish and Sims Maniac
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1.8 will use jquery editor is not?
So that automatically means it will not be affected by this bug?

I'm asking just for curiosity.
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This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Bug is still present, using Firefox 16.0 beta.
It has been "resolved" but can't see how.

You will probably have to change the script so that no longer uses "itemType". Firefox won't change anything, it's not their fault.

Quick solution:
open editor.js
find all: "itemType"
replace all with: "itemType2" (or "item_type" or whatever you want)

Editor will work again.
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