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This thread was designed by Phil.

What is Learn Forums?
Learn Forums is an online discussion board for those who wish to gain knowledge and for those who wish to share their knowledge as well.
We hope to become the #1 forum for high quality discussion and tutorials.

Who are you anyway?
You may know me as Grammar Rays, Grays, or better yet, Phil.
Some of you may know me from my previous forum experience, SeForums.
I'm a wannabe-webmaster, learning the ropes and gaining confidence by the day.
I run a few companies with a few friends however I will not go into much details here.

Join Learn Forums Now!
What are you waiting for? Learn Forums may be new however I am very serious and excited about this new forum,
so please show your appreciation and take a look at what we have to offer you.

Thank you very much for reading!

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Be happy, stay educated, and I will see you around.
With regards,
The Learn Forums Team
Only two links allowed..
1. the logo is too big. use the header area better, don't squander the best 'real estate' in the forum with an oversized heder.
2. don't use a dark theme. It's unprofessional, unfriendly and tiresome for the eyes.
3. have a nice 'welcome guest' message area. Write about your site, what makes it special, why should we join Smile
Admin Forum
FREE forum management book, tutorials and community.
Thanks for the above comments. I have taken them onboard and hope to work with them over the next few days.
Great forum, good discussion and all that. I can agree with the above comments though Smile
Thanks Shannon! Smile
Glad to have you as a member to be honest.
(2012-06-11, 10:32 PM)dojo Wrote: 2. don't use a dark theme. It's unprofessional, unfriendly and tiresome for the eyes.

Eh, a dark theme is fine depending on the forum.
[Image: vqApN3l.gif]
You'll be glad to hear we have a light theme which can be found at the bottom-right of our forum.
More themes are in development too! Happy days. Smile
We've recently lacked some activity. Time to bump this thread and get some more users on board.
I'm sorry but those two corner buttons in "Upgrade" and "Donate" instantly make me think you only made this forum for money. Why are they there? If users want to donate they'll message you, if you want to run an upgrade group you can simply add a toplink like "Awards".

Then threads like this just reinforce my belief that money seems to be the most important thing to you. Are the users supposed to thank you for you allowing them to send their hard earned money to you?

As for forum feedback the theme is decent and the amount of sections is nice and compact - a rarity around here - though I'm unsure how you're going to break into this niche. Is helping other people something you're really passionate about? What qualifies you to help users with Maths, Science and Information Technology? Are you some type of genius or are you relying on other users to post the content? I'm a big believer of running a forum you're passionate about, I don't see how you can keep coming up with unique content daily on your own.

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