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Not Solved Convert a custom SMF theme to a MyBB Skin?
Not Solved
I am a total newbie to MyBB. I have hosted a few SMF forums in the past. I will be merging with another site in the near future. Is it possible to convert a custom SMF theme to a MyBB skin? Or are the two software completely incompatible? My apologies if this is a completely novice question.
Not Solved
its possible adapt the theme....
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You'd have to manually convert it.
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I should have included a link to my SMF theme. If converted correctly, is a MyBB forum capable of displaying similar to this?
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I think I could get a theme quite close for you... Like within minute details. The background could just be a gradient, the thead would be orange with border-radius of around 8...

If no one else beats me, I could try this weekend.
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