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What to do with XML code?
I wanted the download the theme from my site to the forum on my computer so I could improve the theme. I clicked on download Then the "Download Theme" button and I got all this XML code. What do I do with that?

I did a search for "XML code" (without quotes) and it said that it wasn't long enough. I typed it in again with the quotes and it worked.
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Did it open the xml file in the browser or did it try saving it? if it tried saving it just save it to an path and import it on the other forum.
If it opened it in the browser you need to rightclick and go to "Show source" and copy/paste the source into an text software like notepad or something like that and save it as .xml format and then import it.
Cool thanks
[Image: bannersimcity4bn.jpg]
I tried to upload the updated theme from my computer but when I right clicked the text and clicked on "View Source" It said that the XML source is unavailable for viewing.
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