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Hey, I made a mybb website called bent forums. You can post and talk about gaming coding and even sell stuff! We are currently looking for some administrators and moderators so be loyal to community and post we will make u cool ranks like mod/Donator!

See you there
1) Your name is terrible
2) You have way to many forums
3) "cool ranks like mod/Donator" SERIOUSLY!?
I suggest you get a new logo/banner because the current one really isn't attractive. Anyhow, good luck!
There's noting worse than visiting an empty forum. Change the logo quickly. Fill it with "original" content, then maybe think about advertising / showcasing it.
My new mycode: [toomanysections]
I am going to have to agree with everyone else here. The banner at the top of the page is not attractive, you have no content, and you have WAY TOO MANY sections and forums.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
You need a new banner...That one is just ...
(2012-06-13, 08:39 PM)Anxiety Wrote: My new mycode: [toomanysections]

You clearly need that mycode since that's what you post in every Showcase thread Wink
[Image: 76561198094087316.png]
(2012-06-13, 08:39 PM)Anxiety Wrote: My new mycode: [toomanysections]

I support this idea.
Bent forums haha Heart the name Rolleyes

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