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Hello guys please i really need help i see there is a plugin for hide post until reply but i want a plugin that requires users to reply and +rep the poster to see the post could anyone help me please?
This doesn't make sense. Why am I going to say thanks and give rep before I've even used the plugin? Maybe it sucks?
hardly anyone ever +rep thats why i want a plugin that requires people to +rep in a certain forum/category and still have to reply to see content in post
OK, but what's the point of using rep if you're using it badly?
(2012-06-14, 07:33 PM)brad-t Wrote: OK, but what's the point of using rep if you're using it badly?

This. Forcing people to +rep literally defeats the purpose of reputation...
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not in all categories but some i want them to be forced to +rep
It sounds like you are trying to use the rep as a thanks/like button - why not add a thanks/like button instead of using the rep?
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You give reputation to someone who has posted content thats useful to you or you think may be useful to others. Forcing your users to give reputation to view the post contents is going to give your users an inaccurate history over the lifetime of your forum. Users may have hundreds of rep points but actually they may post absolute crap thats not useful to anybody at all.

Dont try to make your users look like "Forum Posting Legends", let other users decide that by themselves. And give reputation where its due.
bro only in a certain section and its moderated so they cant post crap ;?
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