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You Don't Game Like Us - New Gaming forum!

Are you into gaming? Do you like gaming communities? Do you like fresh new communities? Well is the place for you! We offer a lot of nice features like a brand new nice looking theme thanks to Pixelmonkey, lots of categories for you to post in, plenty of plugins to make you stay nice, clean, and safe. If you decide to join us make sure you put "Loven It" and your referral thanks! Join us today!
Didn't you just open up a gaming related website and requested someone else to run it. Now you open up yet another one that is completely empty?

Also you aren't suppose to be advertising websites without the MyBB copyright. I advise putting it back in before a mod locks this thread.

Our showcase rules state that all sites featured here must meet the requirements of our Support Eligibility policy. Unfortunately your forum does not meet this policy and therefore may not be showcased here. This could be because of adult, piracy or hacking related content or because your forum does not display the minimum “Powered by MyBB” notice.

If you have any questions regarding this policy please post in the Private Inquiries forum.

The MyBB group.

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