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Looking For A Job.
Hey, would you prefer A Reviewer position in
Currently there is not much request is being made, you can still be active as a staff there, and whenever a request is made you can write the reviews.

See this for a review writing sample.

Offtopic: BTW thanks for using our Royal theme. ^_^
You will need to put the images in correct path to fix the theme, I think.
I'll give you 1 "JJ Point" for making 10 posts on my forum. 500 "JJ Points" can be turned into a "Super JJ Point." 500 of those are worth 1 point on your next test. (This works for my students...)
The JRPG Club: Video game reviews, resources and discussion for Japanese learners.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
I'm No longer looking for a job.

staff please closed this.
I'm Greenlink

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