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Northern Skies Forums - Zoo Tycoon Fansite
We just upgraded from Zetaboards to MyBB using a crawler converter, so I'm pretty stoked about finally being able to share our forum here.

Northern Skies is one of the few remaining active Zoo Tycoon fansites around, with nearly 8000 members, about 230,000 posts, and about 7300 threads. We tend to peak at around 80 users online every day, so we're fairly proud of that - especially with such an old game.

Our forum is family-friendly and our discussions revolve around Zoo Tycoon and designing mods for it. Due to the old nature of the game, we do of course provide a decent-sized off-topic section for our members.

Our theme was purchased at Pixelmonkey and we might be doing a few changes to it in the future, but it's such a great theme anyway.

Anywho, link:

I go by 'Eric' on the forums. Smile
Just two notes.
First of all, the theme doesn't show what it's about, nor does any look on the site, ought to be changed.
Secondly, you could start using subforums, since I need to scroll TOO long to get to the bottom, good they're not empty categories though.
I agree with everything Ansem said, your site doesn't say Zoo Tycoon at all (Or even video game whatsoever). And as much as I hate tabs for forums, you should either use them or work on your amount of forums / turn them into subforums because it's pretty overwhelming for someone like myself.
Our theme is temporary until we can get a custom made one that fits us. We're looking into getting another pre-made theme for our board until then.

As far as the layout goes, we only just converted but we're looking into merging several forums together to compress everything a bit more.
Well, the main thing you need is a new header logo - one with some ZooTycoon on it. I think a new theme is not really needed.

I agree on the need to compress things a little. I see some forums with very few threads and the ones there are kind of old.

Zoo Tycoon is a great game and I am pleased to see a forum for it Big Grin
Random Fish and Sims Maniac
Help MyBBSupport help you - remember to mark your threads as solved

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, other than the stuff I commented on great job with the forum. Smile

(2012-06-15, 10:54 PM)Leefish Wrote: Well, the main thing you need is a new header logo - one with some ZooTycoon on it. I think a new theme is not really needed.

Some ZooTycoon related on/off icons would help a lot too, but I agree with this. A logo can do a lot for a layout.
I agree with the others, you need to improve your theme. But good job with the forum. Join the "Big Board Owners" group:

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