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Not Solved [How To?] Adding a new link to navigation bar
Not Solved
Alright, well, I already know how to do that. I just needed to catch your attention. However, it does relate to adding a new link to the navigation bar. I have successfully completed that task, but I want to add an image that goes beside it. I've read the thread telling me how to add a new link to the navigation bar, and used the same image source code as he did. However, when I post my image, the text goes into a new line which sort of breaks the template. Everything basically slides to the left. Here's a link to a screenshot.
The screenshot can be found here. It's rather large.
As you can see from the screenshot, the black stripe background should not be showing. The second half goes onto the second line for some reason. It's supposed to say Credit System, but all you can see is Credit. It's just not right.

Also, the image next to the link doesn't look natural. There's not enough space inbetween them like the other links. Also, it's isn't aligned with the text. It's a bit above it. Is there an alternative (probably more complicated) way to add a link to a header without messing everything up? Maybe it's just the theme—I don't know. The dimensions of the image are 16x16 just like all of the other ones. Thanks in advance!
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