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Prank Forums - Your #1 Prank Discussion Forum!
[Image: pf.png]

Prank Forums is a forum dedicated to the art of pranking other people! We offer tips, ideas, help, and even take requests for what pranks you would like to see done!

We offer awards and cash prizes for the best of the best, so why not sign up and give it a try!

You are sure to enjoy this if you like messing with other people, and I know you do! So what are you waiting for!?

We no longer accept public prank requests due to privacy issues, this is now just a discussion forum. Thanks.
Why is the points system necessary?
[Image: 76561198094087316.png]
The points system isn't currently being used, so I disabled it.
Swear this was advertised like 3 days ago. Then you said you were closing it?
I had an old thread with outdated information and extra posts, but I have change the main features of the website so that people's privacy is respected, so that won't be an issue anymore.

I had that thread deleted, and I temporarily closed it while I sorted out all of that.

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