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as I needed a Wiki for MyBB desperately, and unfortunately Paul H.s plugin is still in an early developement state, I initially wanted to do some work on his plugin, but after completing some features I decided to start over from scratch, as I assumed to be faster, when working on my own codebase, also I assumed it would be difficult to implement SEO-Friendly Wiki-urls in his plugin.

So heres mine, screenshots are attached. As I already deleted the default Design in my board, all screenshots are containing Justin S.s Apart-Water design.

  • MyCode-Wiki
  • Table-MyCode for creating tables in wiki
  • Showing Wiki-actions in WOL
  • articles can be locked/unlocked
  • edit-history for each article
  • diff for each revision of an article to prev/next und latest revision
  • moderated mode (All new articles and changes have to be approved by moderators) possible
  • [ wiki][ /wiki]-mycode for use in forum
  • MyBB JS-Editor for editing articles
  • Correct formatted profile-links (usergroup-color, etc...)
  • URLs for Wiki-Index, All-articles and view-articles customizable for using search-engine-friendly URLs
  • No credits-footer
  • zlib/libpng-license, usable for non-commercial and commercial purposes
  • [Image: vimvialleloveanim.gif] Wink

Now I need the community to help me:
1. My english is not that good, maybe someone could look over the .lang.php files?
2. Finding bugs... i need bug-reports to fix them Big Grin
3. Feedback, lots of feedback Smile

Table-MyCode is not documented, as I have no Idea where to display the how-to, it works like
[table=my table name]
Row1Cell1 || Row1Cell2 || Row1Cell3
Row2Cell1 || Row2Cell2 || Row2Cell3

for SEO-Urls I set the following configs:
Page-url: Wiki-{id}
Index-url: Wiki
List-Url: Wiki-List

and added the following rewrite-rules to my httpd.conf (.htaccess also works)
RewriteRule ^Wiki-([^./]+)$ misc.php?page=wiki&view=$1 [L,QSA,NC]
RewriteRule ^Wiki-List$ misc.php?page=wiki&list [L]
RewriteRule ^Wiki$ misc.php?page=wiki [L]

All listed features are working, enjoy Smile

Downloads and sceenshots are attached

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.tar   wiki.tar (Size: 100 KB / Downloads: 135)
.tar   language.german.tar (Size: 10 KB / Downloads: 106)
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Look's nice.
Look´s really awesome
Exclamation MyBB-Es.Com, spanish support for MyBB Wink
I would like a "rating system" for each article posted, and thanks.
Great plugin, I've been using this at one of my sites. The only real problems I've encountered are:

1) The wiki is inaccessible to those with multiple usergroups (I've sent you a PM with more info).

2) Viewing the differences between article versions are bad with line breaks, MyCode, and spaces.
Would be nice if there could be categories of articles too, so there could be a list of articles under a certain category, and a list of others under another category; and so on.
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I can second that. Or third it? I say we pitch in and donate to Matthias with the hope he'll update this plugin with our suggestions. Categories are definitely a great feature. I'm not sure when he will next visit though, since it seems he hasn't visited MyBB forums in a couple of months. It would be a shame for such a fantastic plugin to lack a couple of crucial features.
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Hi, does anybody know why the IMG code does not work?

best regards

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