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(2012-06-22, 09:29 AM)Rainbow Dash Wrote: we love and tolerate each other here at the brony board and that's what counts.
(2012-06-22, 12:13 PM)Rainbow Dash Wrote:
(2012-06-22, 10:57 AM)crazy4cs Wrote:
(2012-06-22, 09:29 AM)Rainbow Dash Wrote: I give you the one and only Brony Board

1M+ posts. Runs on MyBB.

Just pointing out.

Idiot statement, that was meant to mean Nothing really.

Lol, the irony.

(2012-06-22, 09:29 AM)Rainbow Dash Wrote: You can also donate some funds and get a special rank, each rankbar is different so you can see and we also have awards and at times
we may also hold give aways to users,
so come on down to the
brony board, where your only fantasy comes true. we are waiting for you.

There is also a slight chance we may hire staff and mods.
we have many open opportunities for moderator positions.[/align]

Funny, you don't have a good theme which btw, you didn't make so you should put the correct copyright up again as in the readme from when you download the style it says "You do not remove my copyright" and you're asking already for donations? With that attitude and a lack of something to make your board special, I wouldn't ask for donations tbh that translates into you want money for yourself, not the board - you just started.

(2012-06-22, 12:13 PM)Rainbow Dash Wrote:
(2012-06-22, 11:17 AM)Gibson Wrote: Defiantly too many sections/forums for a new board in my opinion.
I'd make "Feedback/Suggestions" a child forum of "Brony Board Daily" to start with and then just try cutting down a few until your member base has increased a little.

#HF's first gay-lime brony

Billy mays From HF lol. anyways I think ill go with my own Instincts because I've had quite alot of members now.

10 members is a lot of members? Rofl? I guess every board is successful the second they get 10 members, WOOT EVERYONE CELEBRATE! You are all Big Board Owners! No, who the hell are you kidding? Lol...

I mean, you post in showcase, get an attitude with people who are just trying to help and uh "insult" them when they are clearly more successful than you. I mean, you're obviously in over your head - he was right your board is not the one and only

So, listen to the advice people give you seriously... the worst that can happen is if you don't get any more than 10 members so...
I'd join if there were more rainbows.
[Image: Kewlz.jpg]

^^ Click to check my rank. Big Grin
You have to bring something unique to your forum to compete with the already successful ones with the same subject as yours. I don't see anything unique and apelative to join.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
The only thing I've added is custom usergroups. those who disagree didn't really read your posts.

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