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Looking For Teacher Ha
I am interested in learning how to do a lot of this theme and logo stuff but don't have the slightest interest in reading up on it. So I was wondering if someone could skype with me and walk me through how to make a theme and also how to use photoshop more for logos as well...

If you are looking for money we could work something out. Not going to be a whole lot though.
I'll recommend for learning designing and such.
Hiring someone to teach you web development really isn't the best idea in my opinion. If you don't like reading then perhaps watching videos is a good solution for you. Tuts+ offers a great free series of screencasts called 30 Days to Learn HTML & CSS. You should start by taking a look at it. Then, if you think it's worth it, invest in a premium membership, which will allow you to access hundreds of courses on web development (including Photoshop, vectors and such).
For the basics of web design, I'd look at, but I wouldn't use them all the way through. They explain things nicely if you're a beginner, but don't provide much help for advanced users.

There's an article on Theme Designing floating around this site, iirc.
Please don't PM me for support. Smile
I would actually avoid w3schools at all costs. It's tempting to use them since they rank pretty high in search results, but some of their information is inaccurate.
Wow ok cool thanks a bunch for the advice! I will look into what you recommended!

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