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It's just really bare I guess. You should split the page and add some benefits to joining. Just because someone's on this page doesn't mean they're 100% convinced. Also, are you auto-setting passwords? I find that pretty annoying.
That loosk good for a login page IMO. Not for a registration one.
Yeah now that I look at it I totally agree with Omar. Back to the drawing board on how i'm going to edit this to make it look more inviting for people who aren't sure on signing up.

My plan was to have automated passwords. Most website send a verification e-mail meaning they'd have to check their e-mail anyway. I'm not 100% sure on my strategy for registrations yet. My plan in the beginning was only to allow Facebook and Twitter login, but I figured not everyone actually uses a social network.
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If im honest that registration page looks to me quite nice, yes it needs some extra information but the way how it shows connect through external sources and normal etc. is really well done.

But yes a bit more information to invite people in and you would have probably the best registration page together with brad-t of any MyBB site.

On the thing about passwords being send and not chosen, its more a personal thing honestly. I dont mind it never really did as long as you dont also have to confirm that you changed your password with another e-mail.

Was just for a moment wondering.. how affective is sending out passwords yourself (instead of letting users choose there own when registering) against spam Bots?

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