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Selling my Forum
So I've decided to sell, it's a very nice domain if you want to keep it as a Vita forum, or if you want to expand into all Playstation consoles it'll work good as well.

The domain doesn't expire until next year, I just renewed it a couple months ago. The site has 0 traffic (or like... 10 people a day?) but like I said, great potential if you want to take the time with it. If you buy it you also get the other things I set up:

Blog -
Forums -
Wallpaper resource -
Twitter -

And the forum has a nice premium PS Vita theme by Scoutie. I have no set price on how much I'd like to sell it for. But I'd really like offers over $30 to compensate for the theme, and hosting I paid to keep it going.
Post up some stats.. Members, posts etc.
(2012-06-29, 10:10 PM)Benzh Wrote: Post up some stats.. Members, posts etc.

1. Visit link
2. Scroll down
3. ???
4. Profit!

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