Looking for someone to make a custom plugin
Currently on our forum we are using the plugin "New Points". We need some modifications made to it and we are willing to pay. Here is a better description of what we need (we are also open to an entire new plugin being made for us):

"Currently we are using a MyBB plugin called New Points that allows users to gain points (money) for every post and thread they make. We would like to modify this system. We want people to be able to trade points (money) to allow the buying and selling of things on the forum. We also want them to be able to use their paypals to add points (money) to their accounts that they can use for the buying and selling.

If you are interested in the job please add me on skype, cstack13 or PM me here. Thanks!
contact yaldaram sure he will customize your need Smile

post in http://yaldaram.com he already created lot of plugins
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