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Bentforums|New!|Grand opening|FREE VIP
I made a forum website called bentforums and we would love to see some new people. We have 270 posts in 79 threads on the first 1 days of the forums we even made a cool advertisement text:

Its outdated from yesturdayBig Grin
We need lots of new members. For a limited time we are giving out free VIP for the first 3 days of the forums you have only 100 hours to sign up and claim ur VIP Just PM me , Gil or if im not on Coca-Cola aka Holy S.
[Image: yOJRB.png]
Sign up here!CLICK HERE!

And check out some of the details about VIP here VIP INFO CLICK HERE

I worked Really Hard on this thread so Join bentforums

Our Logo:[Image: 8a3lM.png]

Holy S. aka Coca-Cola
Owner: Gil (meBig Grin)

Hope you liked the thread and Well! YaBig Grin

What don't you understand about one showcase thread per forum?
No longer involved in the MyBB project.

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