copying forums
I searched for this but couldn't seem to find anything about this. I'm not sure it's even possible.

I am starting a website that will have the following forum structure:

- State
- County
- up to a dozen categories that will be the same for every county

I'm looking for an easy way to populate the board without having to go in and set up each state, then set up each county with the same categories.

My first thought was to set up the state, then set up one county with the categories. Then copy that county and rename it to another county and repeat the process. Just seems like it'd take a long time to do so.

Would like if there was a way to import say a CSV file that had the states with their counties and the subcategories. May not take as long to set it up that way.

Is something like that possible or am I going to have to do as I first thought?

It certainly needs a plugin to do this. There is none so you've to request one.
Do you think a plugin could be created to do that? I'd like to get everything going sooner than later so I'm not sure if it'd be quicker to do it my original way or wait for a plugin to possibly get created.

Yes, because a plugin would be used to import CSV file and then insert its data to the database.
Moved to plugin requests.

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