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Need a semi-custom theme that looks like (Wordpress') Twenty Eleven
This is my website. These are the forums. They look nothing alike.

That's a big problem.

I'm looking to hire someone to create a custom (or semi-custom*) theme in the style of Wordpress' Twenty Eleven. I'd like the forums to use my full length header image, the same navigation menu and a matching footer, as well as be locked at 1000px just like my current site. However, I don't require anything to be automatically loaded from Wordpress. I've learned that doing so requires very advanced coding, or even hacking the myBB or Wordpress core (which isn't in my budget). All I care about is that they look the same, and if they do, I'll be very happy.

Here's a very simple diagram of what I want. (Note: I don't actually need footer widgets, although I'm not against them either. That could be where links to things like "Member List" and "Calendar" get dumped.)

[Image: 2drutk0.png]

If you are interested in the job, please reply to this thread or private message me. I have also sent some quote requests to other designers, but in the interest of getting the job done, I thought I'd also post here.

*What I mean by semi-custom is that if you make free or premium themes, I'd be willing to pay you to customize one of them to look like Twenty Eleven (and match my site's color scheme). Heck, I don't even require the theme to be exclusive to my site. This is just something I really want for my site, but also believe the community could benefit from.
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nice one man i love its xD
Pm'ed you. Smile
I can customize your current forum theme to match your wordpress theme. PM me and I can get this done for you in just a few hours Smile
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Thank for your responses everyone! I'm heading to bed (I'm on Japan time, sorry about that) but I'll spend some time looking over everything tomorrow and get back to you all.
The JRPG Club: Video game reviews, resources and discussion for Japanese learners.
If you still need help let me know, I'd be happy to do it, but I know the users before me are very reliable and great designers. Smile
You can get this done here just buy one of our product at and if you select regular price + customization you can have your theme customize.
I've actually got a request in there too; I'm just waiting to hear back from Mike about whether or not he thinks this can be done with the regular customization fee (no idea how labor intensive it will be).

Thanks everyone. I have hired a designer. Smile I'll keep you all in mind for future projects!
The JRPG Club: Video game reviews, resources and discussion for Japanese learners.

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