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Need Staff - AdminBB
(2012-07-05, 03:01 AM)Omar G. Wrote: This user is trolling us all.

Hear Hear!
(2012-07-05, 03:01 AM)Omar G. Wrote: This user is trolling us all.

On contrary, we are trolling in his topic. lol Big Grin

Though what you guys said is the true fact, we can't say that in R/S/J. Sad
I believe OP will figure out these facts eventually while running his forum.
So, he made a topic where he looks for a job with false statements of his qualities and now it's the same again here only now offering jobs.
Why doesn't he just hire himself Big Grin
Shouldn't you first finish your forums? They look like crap and the logo isn't even working.
And the URL is way to long, no one can remember that.
Just as a note to everyone else. This user got banned from an admin forum I am on for been a low quality member. He either listens to nothing and just gives insults or he just thinks he knows everything.

(2012-07-04, 08:51 PM)Ian2458 Wrote: VIP,Super VIP,Premium Membership,Boards,Username change

What would a staff member need a VIP membership for? Huh
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Still Hiring.
I'm Greenlink
hmm well this is akward now
Now everything makes sense.
Maybe telling what kind of gifts could make it even more clear to us.
Those kind of gifts. Wink
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