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To-do List - new plugin []
About us
In our group (Labaddon) are Seweryn Kalemba and Konrad Kalemba. We are from Poland. We develop primarily modifications to MyBB but we plan action on other fronts. Cooperate with the Polish Haxball League and forums We are short to work and we are able to take on any job. We plan to spending our products every two or three weeks, but we do not know how it comes out in practice.

To-do List

Plugin allows you to create a list of administration tasks. You can edit, tag, create groups of tasks and check the progress of your work. Having access to a person with access to the ACP. Link to the list appears in the "Start" menu.

I cannot access the site because it redirects me to cpalead or something, secondly getting a paid domain might be a good start to look professional.
After clicking Download button it shows this;
Quote:Appreciate our work and please complete a survey to download the file.
and nothing show nor redirect to any survey page..
Okey, I will check this problem.

Check now!

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