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Not Solved [How To?] Have entire group moderated?
Not Solved
I'm probably missing the obvious, but is there any way to set the Registered group to have all posts moderated?

The only way I can see to do this is in the individual forum permissions and I don't want to go through all of that. It would be easier and less work to make an entire group's initial postings moderated until they can be moved to full access.

I can't seem to find this setting in the groups, if it's there at all.
Not Solved
This is the plugin I created yesterday: Smile
Not Solved
I'm surprised this is not part of the core software.

Yaldaram, I don't understand how this plugin works.

Allows you to moderate selective usergroup's posts/threads. This plugin will unapprove all those usergroup's posts/threads automatically. This is global option means it works in all forums.

Why does it automatically unapprove threads? I want my moderators to have this power, not the fact they are in a group. The whole point is to have my mods moderate a thread or post and approve the user and move them to full access or not.

A checkbox will appear after Installation named "Can hide themselves ?" on each usergroup editing page > Forums and Posts tab.

What does this mean? Who is hiding themselves? Why?
What is the "editing page"?
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You may create two usergroups. Give both of them the same rights/permissions. Moderate one usergroup's posts/threads using this plugin. And after verifying move the user to second usergroup.

(2012-07-08, 06:48 PM)Goggalor Wrote: What does this mean?

(2012-07-08, 06:48 PM)Goggalor Wrote: What is the "editing page"?

Please see the screenshots for more better understanding.
Not Solved
Yes, I did look at the screen shots. That's why I'm still not understanding.

I don't see an "editing page" in your screen shots.

I see the settings in the ACP > Groups
I see a SS of a forum where one post is marked as needing moderation.
What is being edited? WHERE are these 'edits' taking place?
Not Solved
(2012-07-08, 07:05 PM)Goggalor Wrote: I don't see an "editing page" in your screen shots.
By editing page, it refers to the page when you "edit usergroup". Users and Groups > Groups > Edit Usergroup.

(2012-07-08, 07:05 PM)Goggalor Wrote: What is being edited? WHERE are these 'edits' taking place?
What ??

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