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Simple Logo Edit *If great, will pay!*
I don't have the means to access anything that would make a decent looking text/gradient right now.

I've attached a file below of the sites default logo, please make it transparent and the words 'Media Bear' instead of the 2 and Polished.

Another simple addition: I added our Twitter logo aswell. I would if possible like it if you could place a re-sized (smaller and transparent bg) version if it right before the Media Bear. (Maintain a decent aspect ratio)

If someone does a fantastic job I will pay 2-3.00 PayPal!

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Do you have the rights to these images?
Yes, I have the license and own the theme for the first image and for the second image it was taken from a vector/image directory with icon formats and other variations for download.

Edit: Quite amusing both of our names/initials are BT.
Can you post the link to where you got the image? I was only able to find it here:
I couldn't tell ya the site, did a bunch of searching for cartoon bears and it was not originally downloaded from a Flickr so I'm assuming it is indeed ripped. Let me find something to work with, give me two mins! I have another image I was satisfied with.

My apologies.


Whatever is easier on that one. Smile

So... I'm assuming you have lost interest. Still up for grabs!

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